Just sharing some job opportunities in Zamboanga City

1.Sales Representative 1 Year or less Experience Kabraso Multi-Purpose Cooperative Zamboanga City, Zamboanga del Sur Posted on : November 22, 2016 Job ID : 215519 Details KABRASO MULTI-PURPOSE COOPERATIVE Is currently looking for: SALES REPRESENTATIVE Qualifications: College graduate of any course/ College level Minimum of 1 year selling experience With valid driver’s license How to […]

Sing those Words You Can’t Utter

  When (we) people are angry, we are being irrational, we simply say those words without thinking if we already hurt those being around us, specially our love ones, on the other hand, when we are happy we always express ourselves and shout to the whole world the feelings that we have, without knowing there […]

Goodbye’s the saddest word I ever hear

There would be time that we need to say goodbye although we don’t like it, there are some occasions that no matter how stunning the place is, how good relationships you have or no matter how you love the person or the things, parting time would always be present, just like the sun, no matter […]

Time And It’s Echo-Rich Meaning

We always say that there is always time for everything, time to work, time to play, time to travel, time to study, time to be serious and etc. Different people would also have their own definition about time. There was even one time that I phantom about time would always heals the pain, due to […]

Sad or Not To Be Sad

  We might think that, what happened to us was a destiny; career, love life, family and etc. We often say that we did not choose these specially if things aren’t great, but it was a destiny. But we always have options to choose, like choosing a sad life or not to be sad, it’s […]