Hello world!

Understanding my own self was one of my difficulties before, but it is not what you are thinking is, I mean I am not confuse with my gender, instead I was disoriented with what really to do in life, should I follow what my father wanted me to be (public school teacher) or to do the things that I am fond of which I was not clear though if what was it, what a messed, right? You might not know that I struggle everyday during those days, but just to compensate my father I worked at school it was private school though but I was not happy it’s not because I don’t like teaching, in fact, I am passionate in it but it was time issue and I hate to wear uniform and  high heels so I resigned, what’s the point of working if you aren’t happy. My father couldn’t do anything about it, yet he respected my decision, but I know he wasn’t proud of me. This was a big challenge that I had to prove to myself and to him that whatever it takes I know that this would be a correct selection, due to distressed I gave myself a short break, so I had an excursion and the result was positive because I realize if what really makes me happy and what I want to do in life that is traveling and writing which I have my own self expression and no one controls my time except myself and that is also the reason why I come up with this blog.


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