The Terrific Getaway

I recommend you ride these first,before wanting to end your life
I recommend you ride this first,before wanting to end your life

Previously I have mentioned that I had an excursion for me to find myself, it was indeed helpful.Without a doubt, to find one self is to allow himself to be lost. So I went to the place where no one recognize me, I don’t know exactly what to do at that time, but I went on and follow the course of what so ever called journey, So I bumped into the Capital City of Philippines, and immerse myself to the crowded place in Manila, in such a manner I even forgotten my messed way back my hometown when I rode the surf dance and star Flyer in Star City this is one of the amusement parks in Manila,which I highly recommend to you to ride before wanting to end your life.Unnamed QQ Screenshot20150726125919 After the tiring day, I punch the clock to Baguio City, since I have heard several things about this place before, so I want to see it myself, well, I can say that it is amazing you can just imagine that a progressive city on a top of the mountain, this is also one of the coldest place in Philippines, so many people come here during summer to escape from the hot Climate and embrace the cold weather of Baguio City additionally it has fresh fruits that are very affordable such as strawberry, grapes and many more to bring back home as your simple present to your love ones.

Affordable Fresh strawberry in Baguio City
Affordable Fresh strawberry in Baguio City

so I went back home with that present and freshen up with the stunning view of the city and finally realize that I want to see many spectacular sights both local and international in the future, therefore lonesome trekker starts at that point in time.


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