Ways how to finance your travel and life

            Mostly, we worry about on how to support our life and at the same time doing the activities that we want such as travelling or some adventure things to do. I believe that we just need to be creative and utilize the resources that are present in our life, to do those leisure activities that we dreamt about and survive in this colourful world. Just like myself I always have an anxiety every time I discuss with my friends about how to survive in this blue planet, Until I engage into Yoga activity, I was able to clear my mind and find some solutions on how to deal with my leisure and finance my life and family, I think that is what we mostly concern about. I am glad to share to you some ways how you could have a budget for your travel or other activities at the same time supporting yourself and family financially.

A. Home based Jobs.

              As our technology getting higher and higher online jobs are also booming and more and more people who are getting into this kind of job and indeed it is profitable. Myself also doing this, I teach English (online) to speakers of other language, such as Japanese, Korean, Russian and Chinese I use skype and International QQ to teach the students , you might not know that they are paying me well, in fact this is where I get to sustain my living and my family. There are numerous online companies and managers where you can apply, to mention a few; Eigoru, Rarejob, Talk 915, 51 Talk, Key eye English and many more. You might be interested to teach online too like me, you can email me (sasuka_chorus@yahoo.com) for more information about this.

System used in teaching the students online
QQ International

        Before I engage into online teaching, I also experience joining article writer at Odesk, although it is not paying as superb as online teaching but somehow could help a little to support your other stuff, you might consider it too, just visit this site https://www.upwork.com/, then just follow the instructions.

B. Hosting in a party

       If you are kids lover or into compelling kids, you may take the chance doing hosting part time job, such as in birthday party or any other occasions related to throwing a party, not only you enjoyed entertaining those visitors and the celebrant but also you will enjoy the foodstuff freely plus you are being compensated, so I guess it is not bad to try this idea.




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