Place Near Water

Lutong Pinoy Restaurant




Lutong Pinoy is a Filipino term ,which means  Filipino Cuisine ,and this is a  restaurant that  serves Filipino dishes that you will surely love the taste ,also it’s ambience is really cool due to its fresh air that taken off by the greens surrounded the area, this is situated in Tugbungan,Zamboanga City,Philippines, what’s more that attracted  me the most is the Pond underneath the restaurant that full of different kinds of fishes, I have to say that I enjoyed watching those lovely fishes while feeding  them, aside from that I was  also delighted paddling the small boat at the Pond and gave me the aura that I was  just  like in an Island having fun watching the stunning sceneries surrounded the space while I was on the small boat. Actually, going in this place was not my intention, because I never knew about this place before, but my friend Michelle invited me to go here and I think I should thank her for bringing me in this peaceful and very relaxing place .Well, I really like the place not just because of it’s delicious delicacies that made me feel at home, but also the nature that encompassed in this venue specially the calmness of the small lake that let me slip from my disarray life.


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