Behind Lonesome Trekker

PhotoGrid_1441676422977Lonesome trekker A.K.A  (Sandy Chorus) is  passionate in Education, service provider and recently added traveling, writing and  blogging as one of her  favourite activities.

“I travel not  just because I want to make myself free, but also this is my way to recharge my battery that has been used up from daily activities; spiritually, physically, emotionally and intellectually. Besides this is where I get my ideas and share it in my workplace.”


Why I write and Blog?

“Because I can inspire my fellow blogger and be inspired with them too, especially when I  see those stunning pictures, that they have been through many places  worldwide, it gives me insight and broaden my horizon merely watching those places that they are posting and educate me about so many things, where I could  also share it to other people specially to my participants using skype or QQ international, since I work home based so most of the time I am alone although I speak with my clients online, so I made a blog specially related to my field of work (tesol) and leisure activities (travelling and adventure)to add some spices to my life and  to interact other people virtually through comments and liking their posts, so I really welcome you to post comments to my blogs and I will be happy to interact with you. Through blogging and writing I found that I have a voice and sense of achievement, in a way that I could publish short articles with different topics about IELTS, traveling and etc. And I hope I could continuously to these and  be successful in this area, although no one in my present environment  is proud of me except me, myself and I, but I still love doing this, yes! I love the feeling of being a blogger and writer”.


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