Looking Forward

writing 101

I was not used to be alone but I need to face it. It is maybe scary at times but I need to be brave, I could not just depend to anyone because they also have their own goals and dreams which is not maybe applicable for me or totally different or even sometimes they might change plan that I could not follow. Why I am saying this, because I used to dream so many dreams, and those dreams where shared with my friends, it was full of motivations and indeed it was very thrilled sharing those intentions with them. But not knowing that nothing last forever. Those dreams suddenly fades because the big picture was change due to our lives were not perfect, many circumstances came along, that leads us to separate lives and my friend had change her plans and views, So I have no choice but to continue, but what is the hardest part is to continue it alone, since our goals are shared and has something to do with each other, I am now having hard time because I know the fact that the term “continue” is not applicable but rather use the term “restart”. But I never regret for these things because I have learned something out of these.

 Things I have learned;

  1. Nothing last forever
  2. People never change
  3. People come and go
  4. Follow what makes you happy
  5. Nothing is permanent
  6. Love my self
  7. How to stand again when I made mistakes
  8. There is no perfect
  9. To be open minded person
  10. How to be more patient
  11. Crying isn’t bad

Now I am on the process of moving on and list some of the things that I like to do as my motivation.

  1. I like to do exercise to keep fit.
  2. I like to travel around the World
  3. I like to learn different languages
  4. I like to take Masters degree
  5. I like to learn how to swim
  6. I like to surf
  7. I like to learn how to cook
  8. I like to have my own space
  9. I like to own a school
  10. I like to be expert in my field
  11. I like to experience working in British Council

But above all I need to equip myself for this solo trek because I might encounter smooth and rough road heading towards my destination, and here are the things that I wish for my self.

  1. I wish I could make my family happy all the time
  2. I wish I could build house for my parents
  3. I wish I am brave to face the challenges
  4. I wish I am strong in all aspects
  5. I wish I could meet Channing Tatum before I grow old
  6. I wish I could send those less fortunate Children in my village at school
  7. I wish I could provide work to my villager
  8. I wish I am smart in decision’s making

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