Weekend Excursion is a Good way of Moving on

If you feel like you are left behind and always remember those people who often ignored you, make yourself unavailable to think of those things and you will surely no time to anticipate of their presence or even your dramas in life. Talking about making yourself busy you might consider having a short trip during your off or free time.You may choose nearest Island to your city so you can just have a round trip.Aside from viewing some beautiful views it is also refreshing and can breath fresh air. Importantly, you will appreciate your life for discovering some things in your life are better than others then you will surely love and value your self.

Round Trip to Isabela




While on trip I saw that there are some people who do not have house but live in this small boat.So I guess you will appreciate and value your life that you have now,knowing that your life is better compare to this people.


The Colorful Plaza of Isabela where locals spend time for chatting and bonding with family and Friends




But no matter how you enjoyed your trip and the way of forgetting something or someone always mind the time and be back home because tomorrow is another day that you need to work on.



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