The Great Influencer

influencerIndah Susanti is one of my great motivations here in blogging world, although I do not know her personally, since I just knew her here in virtual world, particularly in this site, I am impressed with her because she is very down to earth person (follow my blog although I am newbie) despite of success she has, furthermore she became part of my daily visit of my blog too, I love reading her blogs (travel story) and watching those stunning pictures particularly about marine creatures and her diving activities.

I usually like and post some comments to her blogs and today as part of my task in blogging 101, I chose one of my comments to her that I made yesterday, to expand and put it into conversation as an answer for this task.


Palawan (Ira-an, Palawano, Palawanon, Paluanes, Palawanin) are located mainly in the interior of the island of Palawan in the southern Philippines. Palawan is the fifth-largest Philippine island and also the least-heavily populated of the larger islands. It stretches from 8° 20′ N to 11° 30′ N, running north-eastward, and is nowhere more than 40 kilometres wide. The number of Palawan people is estimated at about 70,000. About 10 percent are Muslims (mainly those living along the coast) and the rest of the people practice their traditional religion. The Palawan cultivates upland rice. They build their homes in the fields and make sure that they are out of sight of their neighbors. (

Although I don’t have much specific about it, because I have never been here before, but this is so famous place for diving, you might consider to visit this site for more information


4 thoughts on “The Great Influencer

  1. Thank you so much! I am so honored and happy when reading this. I am sure we will inspire each other – the beauty of blogging community! I would like to visit Palawan someday 🙂
    And you made my weekend!! Wishing you a wonderful weekend 🙂

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