Thinking of you

The Letter

Dearest You,

I hope you are always in a first-rate condition wherever you are. While I am in the middle of nowhere, you may take the chance to do whatever goals you have and build our future. You might not know that I love travelling and in the future we can conquer the world together, we can visit Paris, which I considered as one of the romantic places in this world, let us obliterate our stress  and just stay in love. Endeavour would be easy to face as long as we are in sync. We can also taste the different traditional food of different countries then settle our night staying on the beach and wait for the sunrise to come, then start the unfamiliar day that still full of passion until the sun set.

I might have some instability, but I am not afraid to show it to you, because I know that you can accept me for who I am. You might have disadvantages too, but I can accept you fully for what and who you are, I don’t care if were this journey leads us, and its top spot, but one thing that I am sure about  is that, I am happy to be with you. To be with you is a complete recipe of life, I have a lover, best friend and adviser.

Thank you for everything, although I don’t meet you yet, but all of my dreams would be shared to you because you are my other half, I am looking forward to meet you , but I hope not too soon, because I am not yet ready, since I am still busy fixing my life.

Love lots,

Soul mate


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