Coffee Break is not my cup of tea

Opposite Attracts

When your day ends, mine would just setting out, because I am an evening person. Most people think that I don’t live a prevalent life, because I do not sleep much in the evening, since I work at night way back previous years, and I get used to it, so even though my daily grind won’t require me to go to bed  late, I still cannot sleep at night, I think this is what they called insomnia ,so I begun to love coffee even though it is not my favourite, this is because coffee can boost up my energy and help me finish my work until midnight. We have been together for several years, it started from loving it, until it became a habit, yes! A habit that I cannot resist, the worse is that, my system really looks for it. Coffee is inevitable, although it brought harm to me. Even I don’t entertain it ,this is really enticing me, so it became my best friend, the more I hate it, the more it became closer to me, since I could not avoid it  then I chose to share my nights and moments  zipping  until the last drop of it.


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