What do I do when I am not writing?

writing 101My thought still fresh to me until now, when I was a kid I always tell my classmates and playmates that I want to be a writer, and at present I noticed myself that I still mention to my friend and colleagues that I love writing, but I never became a writer, despite of not being a professional writer, I still continue writing in my simple way, although no one appreciate it, but I feel delighted every time I finish my short story or simple article. But the big question is why do I write? Thanks to the writing 101 class, it made me realize too, if why I am incline to this, honestly I do not have much words to utter, but I feel that I have a voice when I put the language down on paper, and feel happy, and at the same time I can release my stress, so I guess this is the main reason why I continue doing this. I am friendly  but  loner type of person so everything in my mind I usually put it into writing, whether I am on cloud nine, stress or just an ordinary occasions you will find myself pushing a pen to my diary or  type on my laptop .

Not because I am a lone wolf type of person I just spend my life at home and write, I also have some activities and creative in my own way, and these are the things that makes me busy when I am not writing. I also make sure that my life would not be revolving around my room. You might not know that I always start my day with my simple exercise to keep me fit and in good shape, and the best part of doing this is that I can see the sunrise, I love seeing early bright because it reminds me to thank god for waking me up each day, and start the brand new day. IMG_20150921_060406I also love making excursion to nearby cities, roaming around and capture those stunning arts and natural creations, by doing these; I can learn so many things and don’t feel stagnant. Not only travelling but also I am a foodie, so I love tasting different  local food, but mind you I have a deepest secret that I will reveal, I never became fat no matter how  plenty I eat, I even wonder why I remain thin though I eat much. I think I would borrow the line of Mr.  Erwan Heussaff –a food blogger “the fat kid inside”  to describe myself.


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