They Called it Four Phases of life

A goal is a desired result that a person or a system envisions, plans and commits to achieve: a personal or organizational desired end-point in some sort of assumed development. Many people endeavor to reach goals within a finite time by setting deadlines.(Wikipedia)

Brighter Future

There was a time, that I have known a tickled pink girl who was really attached to her best friend, they almost shared the same goals in life, every aim they had were connected to one another, they dream together both long term and short term goal, and longing to have a  brighter future, they  also have big picture of  traveling, tasting different local food and live in a village together. But things weren’t agreed for both of them, which lead to sudden change of plans and need to separate ways. It was hard to have sudden change of direction that made the girl even lose herself.

Vision would be as darker as this cloud when you are lost.

Lose oneself in someone

To be thoroughly absorbed in someone or something; to become engrossed in someone or something.(Wikipedia)

Her friend decided to got married all at once, It was abrupt that she was not able to prepare herself for this situation,  she didn’t  question her decision regarding to this matter, in fact she totally understand it, however, it was just hard for the girl to restart, because her dreams were bound together with her best friend, so she did not know what to do then, at that time. So she had an idle moment and became homebody person, the hardest part was no one knows that she was in trouble setting up her goals back alone this time, because she kept it by herself, in short she was a great pretender, she showed that she was happy physically, because she didn’t want to contaminate her sadness to other people specially her family, but mentally and emotionally she was totally  disturbed. It took several months until she could finally move on from this hiatus.


Indeed, it was hard to continue, but she got bored feeling that kind of emotions. Above all she felt her life was so stagnant. She started slowly recharging her battery and creates new life without her. She started making herself busy, such as doing her regular exercise, writing, blogging, traveling and the most important to work harder, so when night comes she would just sleep, since she believes that her hypothalamus is already tired and no time think of dramas, until she regain her energy and  found herself.

    I found myself3

For all of the circumstances along her way, realizations visit her mind, she thought, she had change but in fact she wasn’t but rather found herself, and she still wants to say thank you for all of these things(change of plans, being lost and the process of moving on) because it made her feel and know who she is and discover the things that she could do by her own.


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