Inactive but Productive

This day (September 24) means a lot to me, why? because this is our close pay roll day. So I started fixing everything and start my day right to meet deadlines.

Tik…tak…tik..tak, that is the sound of my clock,I was not bothered that much with the sound, but I gradually, make myself busy finishing my work. I stayed for 8 hours facing my best friend leno,  that is the name of my laptop, “yes! I named my laptop and considered it as my best friend”, since it is always with me and most valuable. In fact I cannot live without leno and my internet.

It is already 12 noon that time and I still saw myself facing my best friend, until I heard someone is calling my name. ”hey Sandy, aren’t you taking your lunch” that is the voice of my mom. She acts as my alarm clock specially when I forgot to take my lunch. So as my mom summon me to the dining area, I  follow her right away and taste the food , when my lunch was done, I wash my dishes and fix the area then back to my room,before getting back to my virtual world, I had a siesta to gain energy and ready to use it later to continue my task.

“ Baby you light up my world like nobody else, The way that you flip your hair gets me overwhelmed, But when you smile at the ground it ain’t hard to tell, You don’t know,” Oh, oh, You don’t know you’re beautiful,

I heard a music of one direction, all I thought I was dreaming, but I realized that the  sound  I heard was the ring tone of my mobile phone, and guess what,it that was my  boss calling.

“Hello please log in to your skype, you are already late”.

I over slept and the only words that I uttered to my boss was.” Yes boss, I am coming logging in to my skype now”.

I slowly got up and turn on leno (my computer) and start doing my work again. Now back to the virtual world together with leno, for another 4 hours to finish what I can finish since there is no quota to meet, but the more hours you rendered the better.

Exactly 11:00PM, My skype went orange,I have a message from my boss sending my total hours for the month.

QQ Photo20150925215655

It was a sedentary life but very fulfilling, because I was able to make 7 hours this day to meet my target to have 150 hours for this month, and it is even happier because I exceeded my target expectations. Not only 150 hours but it was 152 hours.(lol).Despite of just sitting the whole day that made me feel so inactive, but I have something in return, so I went to bed with a big smile and excited for  September 30 to come.


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