Ways on how to have a happy life

I am not a person who is expert in dealing life, so I could come up with these steps on how to have a happy life, but I was able to have these means, due to my simple survey from my clients, whom I noticed that they have positive outlook in life, so I summarize it and put it into writing and share these things to you, since I found that these are quiet useful and I just want to be contagious, so I put it into writing.

  1. Less complain and Appreciate more


If you noticed nowadays, the maximum life existence  is up to 100 years, why not utilize these years, that god lend you and appreciate every single thing that you have. If you have less amount of money, still say thank you, because at least you still have little cash than nothing and empty pocket. If things are not better for you now, why not get some motivations out of this struggling situation and make it souped up for tomorrow, besides there’s always sunshine after the rain, Instead of keep on complaining which makes you feel sad even more, why not appreciate it and allow this as your kick to strive hard and be happy for these years, that god permit you to see these beautiful creatures here on earth.

2.Invest in your interest


Find what are the things that you love to do, for instance if you are interested in cooking, then learn some cooking skill and new recipes that you love and start collect some kitchen utensils for you to comply this hobby, or if you are keen in photography, save for your camera ,then go out and find some sceneries that you love to capture and make your best shot. What’s more if you are interested in education, invest on it ,go and take your masters degree, or even short courses, besides we are not too old to learn and learning is a continuous process.

3.Treat yourself


At least twice a month go out and relax, have a break from your daily grind, that maybe leads you to irksomeness. Well, if you are food lover, discover some new restaurants or cafe that you could hang out and savour the taste of those delicious food, both your favourite or something new to you, or even have a travel, it could be short or long trips, this is also awesome for you to keep your life active and a good way to treat and recharge your battery, after the long period of working.

4.Be attractive in your own way


When people appreciate you, this could also makes you feel on cloud nine, so maintain your figure , do some exercise every morning or evening , to inspire you more, you can watch some exercise steps on you tube that you surely love, it does not mean that you are too busy, you will not find time to do your calisthenics, take an hour every day , I believe this time is not too long, and take note this would leads to positive view in life and not to forget that this is also nice for your skin and refine your shape. Sounds interesting, right? So start exercising now.

5.Love your self

If you don’t love yourself who will do? Before you could love other people (partner) you should know how to love yourself, this could also a good way for long lasting relationship. If you think your life is a mess and you begin to hate yourself everything would be in Chaos, So appreciate and value yourself.


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