Homebased job was not a dream job for most people, especially for the parents who wants to see their children successful and at the top, and so do I, it was never a dream to be in this kind of job, before I joined this niche, I have been to several companies, however I often complained about time, like I almost have no moment for my hobbies and other activities that I am into .So I guess I was not on the right track at that time, due to this situation, I did not renew my contract with the company where I was affiliated before, as a consequence of not renewing my contract with them, I was totally relaxing at home without income for several months, it was even tougher because I cannot buy the stuff that I wanted to have, the worse is I rely my groceries and other personal needs to my parents. In these months of relaxation, I tried to figure out, if what I wanted to do in life, and my answer was, I want to feel free, I want to do the things that I want to do without hesitations about time, without sacrificing the happiness of my other family members, what I mean is that I cannot just depend my needs to them just because I want to be free. So I guess I need to work, to meet my needs then. So I tried to search for a job, and I have found the homebased job and I grab it, I have been doing this job for years now, and I am not saying that I was fully satisfied here, because I am just human who does not fulfilled most of the time and always seeking for the things that I don’t have, but I couldn’tIMG20150824103033 afford to quit this job, I don’t know what exactly the reasons are but I think it’s due to 1. I could manipulate my own time, I mean I can choose how many hours and what time I work. 2. I can wake up or sleep early or late, as long as I set my schedule ahead of time and I am aware of it, I guess I won’t be late for my job. 3. I don’t have to wait for the long traffic jam just to arrive at the office or in going home.4. If I want to go out and meet my friends I can do that anytime, what’s more I can bring my laptop and my pocket wife or even free wife from the cafe and establishments, I can still work. 5. Although I cannot be a millionaire but I would earn 6 digit numbers yearly.




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