The saddest thing about working home based

Previously on my post, I have written about what made me stayed in this job (home-based), despite of those advantages that I have gotten, I still have some complaints, I don’t know if I am just a bipolar person, who continuously changing my route or a sadist, who loves to see myself hurting, or even maybe I am just a complicated person, that always make things complex though it’s just simple. Nevertheless, I would be writing the things that made me feel pessimistic having this kind of job; firstly, most of the time I end up alone in my room, due to I am busy with my work, the worse is, I ended talking with my own self, it may sounds crazy but of course I am not. Secondly, this is a niche that there is no recognition or promotion, because I am  handling things in virtual world, I don’t know whom I exactly dealing with, after few weeks, once you are done with the collaboration, means that is the end (thank you and good bye).Lastly no one is proud of me except myself, actually this is the most bitter part of me, people around me do not understand why I love this task, they even think that I am just burning up my time to be in this field. However, I would still continue doing this job for the rest of my borrowed time, or maybe until I get bored, due to the freedom that I have.



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