Dexter’s Pizza

Usually I go out to give life to myself on weekends, specially Sunday, I love to burn out my stress in a place that it is cozy and not too crowded to stay and can do my written article with no disturbances from my surroundings, So I found this place called Dexter’s Pizza ,this is located near Ateneo de Zamboanga  first gate or you may also visit their other branch in Canelar,Zamboanga City. From its name alone, you will know that they are offering Pizza, they have different flavours  and sizes from medium to large, so you can pick the hugeness that your abdomen could afford, it’s not only pizza that you can find here, there are variety of food or snacks, that you will surely love, like my friend Karen, she loves the yum-yum chicken, “I cannot describe exactly the taste is, but it is really yummy, upon smelling it you will really know that it is appetizing, and I want to know if what is their secret ingredients of this” that was my friend commented to me.

As for me I like to go back here because of their Knickerbocker,I love it’s freshness that brought to me, I mean it has variety of fruits like water melon, mango, banana that mixed together plus it’s  cream on top of it, wow! Surely I will return here. I think to describe the feelings, I am going to borrow the line of its advertiser “I swear masarap talaga! “ This means I swear it’s delicious.


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