Alone Does Not Always Mean Sad


No one could really tell if what is inside of a person’s heart or in their mind,Honestly, by merely one glance to an individual, we can never tell whether the person is thrilled, unhappy, contented, or discontented with their life. It’s not just because she or he wanted to be alone means her life is already boring and full of sorrow; because it could be that is what makes them happy or that is how they find happiness within themselves. There would be times that what exactly makes other people happy, that’s also what makes other individual in this blue planet feels out of sorts. Other people may choose to be silent in most cases, while the rest of people may choose to be noisy, but it does not mean those people who choose to be silent are not delighted and does not appreciate their existence, instead that is how they react to their own happiness. So the next time you’ll see a person who is alone, never judge and conclude that they are sick at heart, you might not even realize that you are even down in dumps than whom you are judging.


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