Truth Or Consequence

The first Project to deal with, the story that I have been writing, but could not ended it until now. This is a story about teenage pals who’s been classmates since elementary days until High School, when one sudden reality cat out of the bag, due to the game called truth or Consequence. This is a game that you need to form a circle and you could see  a bottle on the middle, one person will  spin it, then when it stop, and to whom the bottom of the bottle is pointing, need to do  a consequence, but first you need to ask if it is Truth or Conesequence, if it is truth then you can ask question and the person should answer without telling a lie, but if he or she chose the Consequence, you can ask her to do anything, even the most weirdest task you ask to do, and she needs to follow it. In this game where the deepest secret of BFF (Jose and Shane) revealed that they are both in love with one guy. I am almost half to the ending, but it seems my mind was cemented for a moment, which I couldn’t think well for its ending, but I hope I could finish it so before the end of the month or if not just the soonest.


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