Virtual Class

Even you are having class online using computer and internet, you still need to put passion in teaching the students and motivates them to improve their target skill. Like what I am applying in my online class, after teaching them the steps and strategies on how to answer questions, then after five to ten days, I cannot see an effort from my students to follow the strategy, I make some deals, I hate to call it punishment, but I simply call them a way to persuade them to study harder, do you know what is the deal? I ask them to sing a song, and it must be not their own language, it should be the language that they are studying for, mind you they prefer to study harder to follow the steps and strategy in class rather than singing a song, so I guess it is effective, maybe you could also do it in your class.

First day to Fifth day this is what happened in my class for this student, the class was happy and full of excitement.
After several days we had, I needed to lead him to study harder the strategies I have taught him in class, since I found it was still the same thing he did in class, I let him sing a song, from happy face in class, now he is covering his face.


The next session of our class, wow! Impressive he did a big effort and can follow the strategy, because he does not want to sing again.




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