Truth and Consequence on it’s new cover

I introduced to you before,about my  my first project (ebook) yet I could not end it, but finally here I present the new cover of truth and consequence, and finish it’s first Chapter.

Truth or Consequence (on Wattpad) This is written in tagalog (Filipino). The story is about Friendship that evolve for years already,when suddenly experience clash among 2 ladies in a group, due to they fall in love with a man,Shane was in love with Allen, but she did not express it,because she founds out that her bestfriend Josie also has  feelings to this man, due to their game called truth or consequence. So she chose to continue her life and study abroad just to give way to her friend,because she knows that Allen also in love with her, so to avoid conflict between her friends,she transferred to another school,just to see her friend happy and save their friendship.But at the end Josie realized that she made a mistake that she should not build gap between Allen and Shane,because their love was pure,and suddenly she realized that,know matter what you do to achieve one thing if it’s not meant to be,it would not work out.


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