Where Does you’re Sadness Came from?

Many people from past era and even at present felt lonely, I may not know if where does this sadness came from,but only your self could understand it,so before it get worse, you need to find ways how to alleviate your soul from this desolation,because we live in this blue marble temporarily,and we couldn’t afford to waste this gift of existence just to being sad.So take action and the action should be now.


First you need to fathom yourself if what you want,need or what really makes you feel morbid, you can even talk to yourself loudly to hear your voice, it may sound crazy,but hey that’s fine.You may want to have a journal or a diary if you want, start writing,just write anything you want,atleast you are productive and did not waste your time thinking of your dramas,who knows when you continuously doing this (writing) you can create a book or a novel,it’s not an obligation but you can have a try, this could clarify things or issues you have, that cause your sadness. You may check my post on Writing as a healing,yes! You read it right,I also write to release my stress and dramas.


Secondly, ofcourse we need to work, this is the basic and important task to do,because we cannot survive here without doing our daily grind,because we need to meet our needs atleast, so go and find a job,instead of crying over night,why not submit resume in a company that you wish to work, any career may do as long as you are comfortable and happy to do it. It could be at the office,online works or homebased,that is okay. On the other hand, for those who are already working, you should love your job and continue do your best in your own field.


For those who are looking for a job, I will also include in my post, some of job vacancy that I may know. I could not promise that I could give everything but I will post it, so keep posted.


Lastly, make yourself busy, I mean do not keep on thinking or over analyzing if things went wrong, especially if it was over and done, why not try new things, such as engaging  into sports, well if you are not sports minded person, just simple walking or jogging for 30 minutes or an hour, that is no longer bad, Or think of traveling to refresh yourself, and when you go back to the place that you need to be, mind you, you will be more blooming than before, and that is great, right? Also, when you travel, don’t forget to try new food that your taste buds surely love, or even those food that you never recognize before, just ensure that it is safe to eat, before dare to eating it. What’s more, I think everyone loves taking photos nowadays, so c’mon take photos of your adventure, as I take mine too.


Earth is just a happy place to be, so dare to have fun rather than to be sad.I am not saying that I am an expert dealing with troubles,challenges and sadness in life,because I was a victim of these too, so I just want to share those tips that was applicable to me, who knows it would be  suitable for you too.


If things aren’t good today, don’t worry there’s always tomorrow,or if you want someone to talk to, feel free to send me message, and I would listen to your story.


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