Working is a must not an obligation


To be in a place called “job” should not be for the sake of being there, it should be the things, that you are happy to do it in a regular basis, besides we need to work for survival, not only, because it is a mission for us individual to be here on earth, so if you do the job that you are not happy with, how would you survive? so find the right job for you, at least it should be the soonest, because time is running. Hence, yours truly is not only blogging, writing but also working to meet her needs, and I am going to share to you some of the things that she does in her job (teaching online) am not saying this is the best job, but am saying that she is happy doing this.


What is Online teaching?

Online teaching is a kind of virtual class, whereas you teach using computer and internet to reach your students or participants. There must be also software to use here, such as QQ International, Skype or even wechat.

Sample class using Wechat


Sample class using QQ International






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