A Portion of Online Class

I just want to show a short sample of having class online, in fact there are plenty of courses that online class may offer, such as Conversational, Business English daily English, Power talking, Toefl and IELTS,and for this model class, is for IELTS. In IELTS there are also 3 parts(part 1,2 and 3) in this segment, this is for part 2, again this is not the standard on how to answer the IELTS questions, because the student here is practising and this is an actual class.



The student was answering the topic about:

Describe a song that means something special to you.

You should say:

What this song is about

When you listened to this song for the first time

How often do you listen to this song

and explain why you think it is special to you.


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