Ways on How Home based worker received their Compensation

Home based worker are very common nowadays, there are thousands of people who are engage in this kind of work, for some they still venture to understand it and others remain curious what is the procedure to get hired, but I think the most common question of the citizens if how do they get paid. Right! This is a big question now.

Ways how to get Salary;



  1. Using paypal

This is the most common and easiest way to pay and get paid online, so wherever you are in this world, you can easily received and send money using this flatform, don’t worry this is safe too.I have different article to introduce to you more about  how to use Paypal.

2. Western Union

This is the fastest way of sending and receiving money, both online and going to their agent office, it depends on you which do you prefer and which is convenient.You may visit wikipedia if you want to know more about it.

3.Remittance through Banks


The secure and easy way to received money from abroad using remittance through banks, there are many banks who offered this service, we have BDO, Metro bank and BPI. It is simple and secure for you to remit to your own account, send money anywhere to anyone in the Philippines or even make payments, in almost real-time.




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