How to Use Paypal

Using Paypal is one of the most convenient and safest ways of sending and receiving money, this is highly beneficial  for seller, buyer or even home based worker. So here how it works.

1.Go to the page, you will see similar picture as like this


2.Sign Up– Follow the instructions and fill out the needed information.


3.Log In–  Once you are done Signing up, now are ready to log in, just write your email address and password that you have created during your signing up process, so better not to forget your email address and password that you have created to avoid trouble in logging in your account.


4. Get Verified

When you are done signing up, your paypal account is already active,that means you can receive any amount that your employer send to you,however, you cannot withdraw it without verifying your account.To get verified you need to link your debit or credit card, in my case I use debit card, I use my eon debit visa card.


What is EON Debit visa Card?

eon.jpgYou may visit union bank because they are the one who release this kind of card,and it’s so easy you just need to open an account (eon card) for only 500.00 php but this would be included in your funds already, the money would not be charge from you, I think this would just take 2 business days for you to have it, once you have the eon card you may link the card to your paypal by clicking verify, then just fill out your necessary details needed,they will charge 100.00 php, upon verifying your debit card,but they will return it after a week, so you don’t have to worry,the 100.00 php is just for verification purpose, for them to know that your card is active.Once your card get verified, you can enjoy transferring your fund to your debit card and withdraw it to your bank,if you want to use another bank card, you can also do it,just add your bank card and its details needed, same as what you have done with your eon debit card.


If you have some questions regarding linking your bank card to your paypal, feel free to send me message or you may send me message how you enjoy using your paypal.






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