Stuck In Love


Stuck In Love is another short story that was written by Chorusianbue, which is still on going.Here is the short glance of the story.

Main Characters:

Shihka Brookes–leading character

Cherry Sheridon–bestfriend of Shihka

Atty. Clifford Groove– Owner of Legal office

Cedrick Groove–Avid reader of Entre@heart magazine

Cedar Kurtz–the reason of Shihka’s being lost

Heart Acosta–CEO of Entre@heart magazine

sIt was five years from now that I experience major anxiety due to the past relationship that I had with Sedar Kurtz,the man that I cherished the most,fascinated with, and have shared all of my dreams with him.I always feel safe with him,because he let me feel that way. But one day these dreams and fascination turns into bubbles, obviously I have accepted everything,he has a good career and happy family,of course not with me, things weren’t good for both of us and we broke up. I thought I was happy seeing him happy in his life,and thought I had moved on,but I wasn’t because ,my life was paralyzed and I was stuck,yes stuck in love.I am Shihka Brookes,and here is my story goes on.(on Wattpad)




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