The Real Compensation of Working so hard

It’s run-of-the mill to always think for a good pay when you work, whether doing simple task, or challenging responsibility. The harder we work the higher compensation we expect. Different references may give different meaning of this, which is also different to various people thinking.


Let us start defining the word compensation based on:



1.the act or state of compensating, as by rewarding someone for service or by making up for someone’s loss, damage, or injury by giving the injured party an appropriate benefit.

2.the state of being compensated or rewarded in this way.

3.something given or received as an equivalent for services, debt, loss, injury, suffering, lack, etc.; indemnity:



The improvement of any defect by the excessive development or action of another structure or organ of the same structure.



A mechanism by which an individual attempts to make up for some real or imagined deficiency of personality or behavior by developing or stressing another aspect of the personality or by substituting a different form of behavior.


But For Me

ieltsresultThis is the real compensation, it’s not money, gift or something given to me in return of something that I have done, instead every time my student getting satisfactory score in their exam, knowing that they are happy with their achievements and their progress in our everyday practice, that really pays me back of all the hardship that I rendered in the class. Just like Patty, a Chinese lady, who is having English practice with me ordered 20 classes, and I have to say that all of our effort were compensated well, because she got the score of 7.5 in speaking and total score of 7 in IELTS, for her, English is not her first language was a little bit difficult to achieve this kind of score, but with our constant practice, we made it. The success of my client is always my success, the score of my student is always my score and this is a good rectification means to me.




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