Virtual Class;A Call With Andrea

andreaAndrea is from China, who is very simple and shy type of person, who wants to study abroad,specifically in Australia, so one of the requirements of  her target school is to take IELTS and get the total band score of 7. So she practice with me everyday,we talk different topics to keep her talking and to exercise the muscles of her tongue. At first I was having hard time motivating her,because sometimes she shows that she is unwilling to speak,to think that is the main goal for her to speak constantly,yet she does not want to do it. After 15 days of constantly talking with her,including motivating her and reminding what is her weaknesses and strengths,how she could improve it and focus to the things that she needs to do, finally, Andrea starts talking frequently and she could answer me better using English, which is her second language.

I hope we could meet our target score, it is really indeed true that no pain no gain.To all of us, we can always work hard to achieve something we want or need.



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