Sad or Not To Be Sad


We might think that, what happened to us was a destiny; career, love life, family and etc. We often say that we did not choose these specially if things aren’t great, but it was a destiny. But we always have options to choose, like choosing a sad life or not to be sad, it’s undeniably that Sadness would always visit us, so allow them to visit, but just make sure do not let them stay longer in your life, because this would just ruin your being. So what to do if Sadness would visit you? Well entertain them for a while, I mean you just need to perceive if where does your sadness came from, then figure out how you could either walk away from it, or how sadness would run away from you and vice versa. And I guess the best way to walk away from it is to make yourself busy. Try to find something you have never tried before, and do the activities that you love or what we called passion. Right! Do your passion. So the next time Sadness would visits you, you already know what actions to take.


Unboxing of Mobile phone is just one of the activities that you could entertain yourself at the same time you would be a great help to other people,by giving ideas on what to expect in a certain mobile phone.




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