Goodbye’s the saddest word I ever hear

There would be time that we need to say goodbye although we don’t like it, there are some occasions that no matter how stunning the place is, how good relationships you have or no matter how you love the person or the things, parting time would always be present, just like the sun, no matter how you love its lights giving to your environment, this would always set in the afternoon and you can’t stop on it, since this is natural scenario, so we need to be prepared and accept it fully for our own benefits. I believe that I am a strong person and I thought I am ready to say and hear the word goodbye, but I was wrong because when I heard the song  Goodbye’s the saddest word , which popularized by Celine Dion, I cried a lot because I am not yet ready to hear this word specially from my mom, because she is my strength in all aspects, but for the mean time what I can do is to give love to the fullest to all the things, place and person that I love, because I know sooner or later I can’t hold them anymore as much as I want.


I thought you might be interested to listen to the song as well.


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