Being True And Authentic Will Bring You Real Happiness


Sometimes we often don’t see what are the advantages that we have in life, we often want to posses those things that other people have, specially with those people whom we idolize, such as their clothes, perfume, shoes and gadgets, we do research what brands our idols used or even our friends and neighbors brands because we want to be like them or we just want to feel that we can afford those things that they have, but the big question is; are you happy doing it? Are you contented with those products or fashions that you are wearing? It could be the answer is yes, but I doubt if this happiness would last, because the reality is, you are not doing what you really like, what really identifies your personality, instead you just copied someone else identity, so you will just end up frustrated and sad, because you never choose those stuffs that really matters to you and you never created your own self, you are just fooling yourself and full of pretentious just to be in and fit to your circle of friends, at the end of the day, you just confuse yourself and end up lost.


It’s not yet late though, I guess you can still start doing the right thing, correct those wrong doings you have. You can start assessing yourself, by asking if what you care for and what is important to you, what kind of lifestyle you want to have, or how you want to dress up, and choose high tech equipment according to your needs, not only for you to show off. Stop copying someone, which is not really your uniqueness. Again if you want to achieve happiness that is pure and will last longer, identify your own self and be authentic.


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