Sing those Words You Can’t Utter



When (we) people are angry, we are being irrational, we simply say those words without thinking if we already hurt those being around us, specially our love ones, on the other hand, when we are happy we always express ourselves and shout to the whole world the feelings that we have, without knowing there might be out there who are in sorrow.

For others view, you better keep silent when you are mad and try to control your happy emotions when someone is grieving  out of your happiness maybe, it may sound helpful, but yourself is at risk, because you will outburst your feelings inside of you, and the worst is, this could lead to spasm or heart failure, but I hope it won’t.

To be safe, whatever innervation you have, you better sing it, scream out loud in karaoke house when you are angry, and sing the sweetest song that you know when you are delighted as long as you won’t disturb others.Hence you were able to express yourself without humiliating others and we are all at peace.


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