How To Say Sorry If You Can’t Utter It?

I know someone who is not a vocal person, often times, according to her, she does not even have the courage to tell what is in her hypothalamus, especially when it comes to her family, so she ended writing it, and it was helpful for her to release her pressures at some point, and she felt that somehow, she was able to speak the words that she wanted to say, although it was just through writing.

She always wanted to say sorry to her folks, because she chose the scheme that she wanted, not what they wanted for her to do, she is not a pigheaded daughter but the things her parents wanted her to do was just not fit for her, or “I should say that I am not happy with what they insisted me to do (career) in my life” she added. Undoubtedly, she knows  that her parents was just  thinking of her future, “they want me to be stable in life so they won’t worry about me, besides if I fail they might fail too, surely, these are clear to me, that is why I am working  hard” the girl explained. but according to her, she never heard her father commended her for the good job she made, and that’s what hurt the most, she does not expecting it though, it’s just sad that no matter how she works harder and prove that she has something to show off that he could be proud of her, but “he never and couldn’t see that, because for him I am not a daughter who is a better example for my siblings”. So what she did, since she wanted to say sorry, but she couldn’t even say the sound of “s”  the best thing to do was to write it and it made so easy.

I guess the strategy that this woman used to  acknowledge her feelings was good and effective, so if you are also having hard time saying the same word to your love ones, you can try to put it into writing.