My Own Island State

So far so good! After those heartaches, stress and dramas in life, now I am finally back to my own Island state, as the old notion said that “No man is an Island” but hey look what I have gotten, there are many fish on the ocean. So do not be terrified to be alone because there are several things to do that you will surely love the outcome.



One major factor for you to forget someone is to allow yourself to move out from your shell. You may travel by road, ship or by plane, whether it is a long trip or short trip that would still help you to be stronger and loving yourself more and soon you will be better. You do not need to be rich to travel because you can just avail some promo tickets, since airline companies offering this tickets in lower rates, another is you just need to be skillful on how to finance your travel to get out from the lonely and sedentary life. So what else we do let us plan the next trip.

You may consider to travel;

Around your City


Inter Island




This would bring fun and excitement to your life, importantly you will surely broaden your horizon (the best part of travel that I appreciate the most),and I would be sharing some of my travels and how I discover more about myself out of it.


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