Traveling for A reason

Traveling has been popular among us, and it turn to be viral nowadays, people saving money just to travel and run out from the hustle and bustle of life, not only because of, we want to alleviate our stress in life, but also to learn something new, such as culture, language and to taste the different distinct food of different cities and countries in general.

I myself also looking forward to travel more, although I can’t do it frequently and never been abroad because it is a little pricey  for me to do this, and I am not a well-off person, so I needed to work harder and save money to sustain my trip, because most of the time the reason why I travel, aside from enjoying the panoramic view of the place I visited, I make sure that I did something memorable in that city, mostly with my previous travel I always take a proficiency exam or taking training, hence I make sure that I have the budget when I plan to travel,  because exams and training alone are already expensive plus the cost of travel.

If you have any suggestions how to finance your travel, while sharpening new skills, such as language skill, short course about voice over talent or any other productive training to enhance personality, kindly shoot me a message or feel free to suggest below.


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