Virtual Class;A Call With Andrea

Andrea is from China, who is very simple and shy type of person, who wants to study abroad,specifically in Australia, so one of the requirements of  her target school is to take IELTS and get the total band score of 7. So she practice with me everyday,we talk different topics to keep her talking and […]

BPO:Job You Maybe interested In

Learning Specialist (Sitel Academy) Sitel Job description Summary of Primary Job Responsibilities • Creates learning experiences that equip new and long term employees to excel in their work environments through expert classroom instruction, on floor mentoring and one to one skills coaching. Creates and maintains a positive learning environment. Modifies and present training programs. • […]

The Real Compensation of Working so hard

It’s run-of-the mill to always think for a good pay when you work, whether doing simple task, or challenging responsibility. The harder we work the higher compensation we expect. Different references may give different meaning of this, which is also different to various people thinking.   Let us start defining the word compensation based on: […]

Stuck In Love

  Stuck In Love is another short story that was written by Chorusianbue, which is still on going.Here is the short glance of the story. Main Characters: Shihka Brookes–leading character Cherry Sheridon–bestfriend of Shihka Atty. Clifford Groove– Owner of Legal office Cedrick Groove–Avid reader of Entre@heart magazine Cedar Kurtz–the reason of Shihka’s being lost Heart Acosta–CEO […]

How to Use Paypal

Using Paypal is one of the most convenient and safest ways of sending and receiving money, this is highly beneficial  for seller, buyer or even home based worker. So here how it works. 1.Go to the page, you will see similar picture as like this 2.Sign Up– Follow the instructions and fill out the needed information. […]

The Possible Reasons Why We Feel Sad

  There could be plenty of reasons why people feel lonely in their Childhood, Adult and old age,but before that let us define first if what is Sadness. What is Sadness?  According to Wikipedia,Sadness (also called heavy-heartedness) is emotional pain associated with, or characterized by feelings of disadvantage, loss, despair, grief, helplessness, disappointment and sorrow. […]